Depression Treatment in Phoenix

It is estimated that more than 17 million adults in the United States (7.1%) experience at least one episode of major depression each year. Additionally, over 2 million adolescents aged 12-17 experience a major depressive episode each year. Most concerning is that 35% of adults and 60% of adolescents did not receive treatment.

When you have depression, you feel sad, empty, helpless, or hopeless almost every day, and the feelings generally last all day long for at least two weeks. It is normal to feel sad or anxious from time to time, but the feelings that come with depression are much stronger and persistent than the “ups and downs” of everyday life.

Feelings of major depression usually interfere with day-to-day activities with your family, school, at work, or in other social situations. Sometimes depression involves irritability, and may also cause physical symptoms such as fatigue, sleep difficulties, and weight changes. In severe cases, depression can also cause hopelessness, isolation and suicidal thoughts.

Depression may happen in a single episode or be a recurrent condition through youth and adulthood. At Uptown Psychiatry our approach to treatment often involves medications and other elements of an individualized treatment program to help you be more resilient, manage your symptoms, improve your everyday functioning, and achieve your personal goals.

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