About Uptown Psychiatry

Have you been struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, opioid addiction, or other mental health issues but have no idea where to turn?

Welcome to Uptown Psychiatry! We offer a boutique style psychiatry experience with comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans. We have a passion for our patients, and our goal is to help you live a life not constrained by mental illness. At Uptown, we strive to eliminate stigma, ensure confidentiality and provide individualized treatment. We will take the time to explain what the options are and what to expect as you get started. Your treatment plan will be specifically tailored for your maximum benefit and satisfaction.

Our Psychiatric Practitioners

Brooke Morrow, PA-C

Brooke Morrow - Psychiatrist at Uptown Psychiatry (Phoenix, AZ)

Brooke Morrow has been providing psychiatric care since 2005. She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Brooke is devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study and treatment of mental health disorders.

She has broad training in the assessment and management of mental health disorders and brings extensive experience treating a wide variety of psychiatric disorders such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and ADHD. Most importantly, Brooke has a unique ability to connect and communicate with her patients, creating an immediate sense of ease and confidence, which encourages a collaborative approach to assessment and treatment.

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Charlie Rounds, PA-C

Charlie Rounds - Psychiatrist at Uptown Psychiatry (Phoenix, AZ)

Charlie Rounds has been a Physician Assistant since 2006 and has an additional board certification in psychiatry. He brings a broad scope of expertise in emergency medicine, general psychiatry and addiction medicine.

Charlie has extensive specialty training and expertise in the outpatient treatment of opioid use disorder utilizing medications such as buprenorphine (Suboxone) and Vivitrol in combination with psychotherapy.

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Joseph Vitagliano, PA-C

Joseph Vitagliano, PA-C, Psychiatric Provider at Uptown Psychiatry in Phoenix, AZ

Joey Vitagliano has been providing Emergent Medical and Psychiatric care in the valley as a certified Physician Assistant since 2013. He utilizes a comprehensive and coordinated approach to understanding you and your goals for treatment and takes pride in providing individualized client centered care.

Joey uses an evidence-based approach to the management of a wide range of psychiatric conditions including mood and sleep disorders, ADHD, and addiction.

In collaboration with Dr. Shareh Ghani, M.D.

Uptown Psychiatry Patient Reviews

Honestly very disappointed. No one ever answers the phone. They use an app for contact called Klara that they rarely respond in too. Need a refill of my medication. it's been 3 days of me calling and sending messages with no care for me and my prescription running out. Very unprofessional office if used long term. First appointment went fine but since then it's been a struggle to get in contact with anyone every time I try. Do better, people rely on you.
Brooke is a wonderful therapist and amazing person. Highly recommend her services
Brooke is timely, professional and a great listener. I have seen her professionally for years now and feel blessed to have found a psychiatrist with a passion to really wanting to help people.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this practice and Charlie Rounds. The convenience of virtual appointments works well for me with my lifestyle and demanding work schedule. Paperwork and scheduling is streamlined, easy and efficient.
I've worked in the medical field for years, as well as been a psychiatric patient for years. I can say, without a doubt, Brooke Morrow is the most genuine, caring mental health provider I've ever been treated by or worked with. Highly, highly recommend!
Brooke has been my provider for years and she is always been very professional and timely and is a good listener.